Death By Stereo at the Fox.

Death By Stereo has long been my favorite band so i see them every chance I get. They were opening up for Alkaline Trio here I believe this is from 2005, could be 04 though.

Death By Stereo

Death By Stereo

Alkaline Trio

Alkaline Trio

Atmosphere at the Fox. 2005


Death by stereo

DJ at the Fox.

Lot's of birthdays.


Grapes from my back yard. We have wine in the mix.



My mom and Bruce (an old friend of hers)

Nicole's 22nd birthday

The love of my life. My puppy Nubis.

Cutest blink ever!

Rain in Boulder. A rare sight.


Some random burning couch on the hill.

This guy swears he didn't do it.

If he did...

it's considered arson and insiting a riot. So we'll believe him.

Boulder has a couch burning problem.

For some reason it's a really popular past time.

Real smart considering the drought and fire problem in Colorado. Now it's specifically illegal to have a couch outside of your house (like on your porch.)

Janine's birthday

Quinn's mom just after injuring her leg in a pool incident

Hear no evil

See no evil


Conner O'neals

Sundown Saloon

Estes Park

Sam at the highlands festival

Awesome tattoo I saw on this guy at the Highlands festival.