Europe 2003

Cambridge, London and Sweden

The River Cam in Cambridge. History of the name is quite interesting.

Saint Harvey.

Kings college chapel

Spray painting in Cambridge on one of the bridges.

Same picture, different wall.

My mom with my uncles girlfriend Agusta.


Fountain in London

Big Ben

British Parliament Buildings

The London Eye

Protesters, Westminister Abbey

The side of Westminister Abbey

Westminister Abbey

Gates of Buckingam Palace with me and Eric

Changing of the Gaurd

Now a couple pictures of British ducks.

Queens Gardern (London)

Cool statue in the Queens garden.

Queens garden

The prisoners house in the tv show 'the prisoner'

Airplane to Sweden


Drive from airport in Sweden with the perpetual daylight at

3am or so, this was getting close to perpetual sunshine time.

Sweden looks a lot like Colorado but with water. This picture shows how light it is at 11pm.

Nobel peace center Swedish Academy (literature) founded

in 1786.

A lake not far from Jarna

This is us at a small beach by a lake with Siede and Gernott.

This is the cutest baby I have ever seen. I think her mom's name was Emily.

It's about 9pm here.

Might be about 10:30pm or 11.

About 11pm

Maybe 12

Yard of our friend in Jarna.

Boat trip to Drjurgarden (which I thought people kept saying beergarded but it turned out to be like an old viking island that is now for touristies

I kept thinking we were taking a 3 hour boat ride to a beer garden.

This boat was like a million years old (not literally of course) and it ran on coal. It was a special relic or something. Can't remember everything

This is my mother and her best friend in the whole world. My second mother, Saidy.


Tivoli and my mom.

There is also an amusement park called Tivoli in Djurgarden.


A path on Djurgarden

These paths were ancient areas where the vikings lived and fought. Relics are found there all the time.

Gorgeous cloud formation. Heavenly.

At Saidy's house in Jarna.


I don't know, I just thought this was a cool bottle.

Rapheal and Alvin. 2 of Saidy's children.

Painted on an overpass by the beach in Stockholm.

Really pretty statue.