My Favorite Music Videos too.

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Mindless Self Indulgence

Just overall fucked up music about fucked up things.  You know you love it.  It's just so fucked up you can't turn away.




By far my favorite band.  I'm not going to say that I don't appreciate bands more because tool isn't really political for the most part, or at least not blatantly and I love political bands because I am into the punk ideology and punk stands for people who believe in something but tool is just so fucking amazing and when they are political it's clever and not like democrat or republican or any of that shit but just points like how we fuck each other over and shit.



Bouncing Souls


Minor Threat

Aside from the songs about being strait edge, they really were a good fucking band.  It's not like they were preaching most of the time but it gets a little old when people say they don't drink, smoke, or have sex. is sex bad?  Isn't that like some weird religious bullshit or something?  Sex is fucking great and shouldn't be something to "quit" or something that's bad for you.  But they did rock major socks off!



I really don't know what to say about Prodigy.  They just fucking rock and they are just so fucking amazing sometimes it's kind of astounding.


Praga Khan

Good techno

The Misfits

Of course they just are the gods of all that is evil.  And they also just fucking rock.

Bikini Kill

Political and just so fucking political.  Tough times but Kathleen Hanna was just so amazing it's kind of hard to beat her scream.


Ah...what can I possibly say about 3oh3! ?  I have no idea.

Dresden Dolls

The Genitorturers

What more can explain about this band than the name.

Nine Inch Nails

Frank Zappa

If he were still alive I would vote for him for president.

Patti Smith

The goddess



Boards of Canada

Of Montreal

the newest album all available online at

Brazilian Girls


Le Tigre


Lords of Acid

Benny Bennasi


Patsy Cline


Hot Chip


Black Out Pact


Aphex Twin


The Bastard Fairies


Clap your hands say yeah


Architecture in Helsinki




Juliette and The Licks

Sticky Honey -

Hot Kiss -

Yes that is Juliette Lewis and the Licks.  She has a really nice voice and if I ignore her odd choice of cult I can appreciate the talent of this band.  I had a hard time finding pictures of the whole band but this one I liked.  The music vids are a pretty good idea of the energy that they have as a band so go watch some if you think you might like them.


Camera Obscura


I actually met this band at the Bluebird theatre in Denver before their show. I ended up not going to the show because I was really depressed and my friend fucked me over and blah blah blah but it was really cool to meet them.  I didn't realize they were Scottish until I talked to them and it was interesting because I was thinking about their name and how when I was in Edinburgh (Scotland) I went to a museum called Camera Obscura that showed all sorts of really awesome camera tricks.  Really cool museum by the way.  So It was just an interesting experience. 





Elliot Smith

Elliot Smith.  I found out about him because he's on Kill Rock Stars comps and I used to love getting those when Wax Trax was still in Boulder because they always had a shit ton of amazing artists on this one album that was about 3 - 6 bucks.  Didn't really buy any of his albums but I still enjoy some of his music quite a lot.  I think he's a very talented man.  Too bad he killed himself.

Gogol Bordello

Start wearing purple -

Not a crime -



One of my top 10 bands of all time.  I love the style and the energy of everything that they do and they are just so much fun.  They're quirky and fucking amazing.

Neutral Milk Hotel




Hell's Belles


Linda Strawberry


Neko Case

Nouvelle Vague

The Knife

Murder City Devils

The Faint

The Arcade Fire

The Shins

Mickey Avalon

Hot Chip


Sage Francis

The Red Elvises


Hurra Torpedo